Fly Rod Christening

My friend Vince invited me over to The Wellow for a last-minute fishing trip yesterday afternoon; as it was such a lovely sunny Sunday I didn’t have to think too long before opting to take him up on the offer.

It was a chance to get out fishing again as I haven’t been on the case much recently, what with all the sporting distractions and bad weather, somehow I’ve fallen out the habit.  The trip panned out to be a pleasant evening, very relaxed slow pace fishing, Vince led out as I was happy chatting and taking pictures of wildlife whilst standing in the cooling brook.  

It was something of a refresher session, a welcome reminder of what I’ve missed and a chance to see Vince enjoy settling into fishing the new rod he had just built and being put to use on its first outing.  The highlight of the day was capturing the first fish caught on it, this event just happened to coincide with the one bit of filming I decided to do on the day to capture the sound of a bubbling tributary coming in from off the side of the stream in a spot where we’d not seen anything on previous visits.  The up side of all the rain we’ve had this season is the flushing through of water courses with well oxygenated water, bringing up the ground water and river levels, making many spots more favourable for the fish.

A bit later as light levels dropped and enough trout had been taken to satisfy Vince that his new creation worked as well as he’d hoped, I thought the time had come to have a few casts and enjoyed testing the rod out on a spacious pool, I can confirm it is a little gem to use – I wonder if he’ll make me one?

Tight Lines, Splash