Man on a quest!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Mair today, an amiable fellow and inspiring explorative type; a man who exudes enthusiasm as soon as you meet him … unfortunately I couldn’t fish with him today but the river is best tackled on your own, so this was not such a bad thing.

Tony had made a most generous winning bid for a day on the Little River Avon in the Wild Trout Trust’s annual auction several months ago and was due to visit earlier in the year but unfortunately had to postpone due to bad weather and high water.

The need to reorganise his visit had niggled away at the back of my mind for some time; I was a little concerned as he was running out of trout season and I hadn’t heard from him for a while, so when he e-mailed me a short while ago to arrange a late season slot I was pleased he had made contact and eager to ensure he had a good visit.   We managed to get the paperwork and permissions in order (to cover club records and insurances etc.) and arranged to meet for a quick chat over breakfast in Tortworth Estate Farm Shop Cafe; it didn’t take long to cover parking, access and safety issues whilst prodding at an OS map and then we were out on the road.

I  pointed him at a few likely spots in a very hasty two car convoy tour, waving my arm out of the car window in a random way … this was probably just about enough to get orientated but as Tony is an experienced fellow now, with all his travelling, the impromptu disorganised dash around, following a man who was simply winging it, didn’t really matter.  I left him near the access to Cascades on the old A38 road bridge with a glint in his eye and the freedom to roam our lovely local river with none of the hindrances that usually apply with guest tickets.  The management group and Berkeley Estate had agreed to make him a full member for the day to allow him more scope and assist with this part of his challenge.   Tony is working his way around every county, aiming to catch a trout in each one and hasn’t got many left to do, so I was keen to see him do well (his blog can be seen here: ).

Our little river can be fickle at times, some days it just doesn’t play ball, I do hope it worked out OK? … I await to hear how it went and wish Tony the best of luck for this visit and for the completion of his quest!

Tight Lines, Splash

PS – please see update comments below.


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  1. Toby…thank you for your most generous comments, and special thanks for giving some time to set up my day on the Little Avon…what a splendid piece of water, with plenty of variety not to mention, challenge. Curiously I lost no flies! A rarity in such tight situations!
    I am going to write a piece for my Blog, but to whet your appetite, I was lucky enough to take several trout, and a couple of grayling….the former on the flies you kindly tied for me….!!
    With all your commitments, I hope you find a few hours before the season ends because today fish rose, albeit spasmodically, but throughout the whole time I spent there….or maybe some Winter grayling beckon?
    Best wishes, and renewed thanks

    September 20, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    • Yes, a busy day for us, we’re just back from looking at a prospective secondary school for the young lad – the blog was done in haste early evening and will need a little tidy, so keep an eye on it as it’ll be polished up a little!

      I am really pleased it worked out well today, it’s always nice when someone gets to see your river in a good light … not everyone fairs well on the LRA, one of our most intensive anglers reported blanking recently at a work party last weekend (which is unheard of from him) so I was a little worried … you’ve made my day.

      It is possible to fish for Grayling all winter, so there’s never any seasonal rush in sunny S Glos’ – can get a bit chilly though.

      You’re welcome back any time, just let me know.

      September 20, 2012 at 8:33 pm

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