Simple Flies for Fishing: Parachute Adams

A quick slap together fly with just a little more time taken over producing the image.

This post doesn’t do the original full hackled dry-fly type justice at all really … but it is in the spirit of the modern variant and definitely one of the most productive flies for fishing with: the Monnow crew swear by it.   I will return and do the original fly pattern at some point and take some time over it.  This variant is the staple ‘knock a few up quick’ pattern IMO, although to make it even quicker to tie you can abandon the two hackle technique required by the original Adams pattern and just use one; then pick a complementary dubbing material and perhaps use a high vis’ post to help you see it and it becomes a simple ‘paradun’ which you can tie with any combination of colours and materials to suit your circumstances.

The Ford Focus of river fly tying:

Tight Lines, Splash


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