One for the road, a Gin clear Wellow

A quick entry as time is short, I managed to squeeze a half day with my pal Vince Brandon on the Wellow on Saturday morning; a leisurely wake up and a quick hop in the car from home along the M5 and M4, speeding along the scenic high road into Bath, swerving through an usually quiet city centre (pre-shopper arrival) and out through the country lanes,  meeting outside the Fox and Badger in Wellow just before 10am; a perfect place to live, picturesque homes, people on horses, folks tending their gardens and everyone saying good morning … plus of course, an idyllic small stream just 100 yards below the village.  We were both early and wasted no time in moving on to park in the village car park (rather than bung up the road outside the pub).  We were both on borrowed time but still managed to sneak just a couple of hours into the diary for a meet before the holiday season proper, just enough time to form some relaxed fishing on this wonderful little stream.  Tricky low water and gin clear conditions made for fickle fish, we saw them and they saw us, trout were darting off all over the place; a series of comedy snags and schoolboy casting errors were par for the course for both of us to begin with but we settled down and managed a few nice healthy fish.  A hasty bonus visit to chalk in the records, almost rushed but actually just about long enough for both of us to get our nature fix and some good friendly banter, followed by a quick drink in the pub before shooting off to get back to our family duties.

Tight Lines, Splash


3 responses

  1. Nice post Toby.

    Looks like you had a cracking few hours mate, lovely looking stream.



    August 2, 2011 at 10:50 pm

  2. Ta T,

    Another little gem, tricky though, the water was so clear it was amazing – had a few in faster water / pools; one stream worth another visit or two, as I saw many more fish darting about than I managed to catch; a bit of colour from run off and early season visits would be most fruitful I would think. It’s a bit like my local but not quite the same sub-strata (we have earth that colours our waters a little even when low and slow – the Wellow can run considerably clearer when the rain has kept off for a while – I could see them whizzing into hiding spots under tree routes perfectly clearly, as if the water wasn’t even there, whereas there’s always a dark shadow in those spots on the LRA.

    Atb, T.

    September 4, 2011 at 12:28 pm

  3. PS sorry for late reply – hols got in between!!!

    September 4, 2011 at 12:28 pm

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