Home Sweet Home

For the first time in ages I managed to fish the local river, my buddy Sean and I had planned to get out late afternoon but we got delayed on finishing off a few elements of a bespoke house build project we’ve been working on for a while nearby; funny how work has a way of conspiring against fishing trips.  We eventually managed to get out though, the light levels were dropping steadily in the shaded valley near Damery but we conjured up a fairly decent hasty evening session; a welcome end to a hectic day.  I can’t help feeling like it was a bit of a short changed visit for Sean though, as it took us two years to get around to syncing a diary date!  We spent an hour or so making slow progress, wondering where the rises were in a spot that I would usually expect to have been productive on a late evening visit but as nothing much was stirring we abandoned that section.

We then moved up river a bit and got settled into a more likely spot; the area was usually a dead cert and the patch that I suggested that Sean should begin to prospect in produced a fish first cast.  This may have proved that the theory of ‘fishing where the fish are’ and ‘moving on’ to find them is a good one in certain circumstances, it did prove the right decision to start over in a new beat.  Feeling pleased Sean was up and running I left him to it for the last half hour; three wild browns and a OOS/almost in season Grayling was the result.  I feel content to have got Sean settled into some productive fishing on the river given our lack of time; like every good host, I like people to benefit from a positive experience on my home turf and as it was looking like an evening of fickle, sparse and tentative rises earlier on, we didn’t fair to badly, not quite the Halcyon evening session I’d planned for us but actually not far off ?  

Anyway, back to earth captain Splash … I had already missed a few fast popping circles whilst trying to demonstrate the likely spots and had been feeling uncertain the fish were in the right mood to harmonise with our will to extract them from their evening sub-surface but once Sean was up and running, we were fine and settled in nicely.  I left Sean to have a good go at a nice productive section whilst I went elsewhere to try and trick a few from less accessible spots further on.  All in all it was a nice and relaxed evening flipped positively in our favour after a hectic day.  Sean will be back soon I’m sure and has mentioned he might get his name down to join the club; next time we fish together it will be on Sean’s patch in the Oxford area, we haven’t decided exactly where yet but have a day set in the diary for early July … it’s another case of watch this space.

Some pictures of the visit, please excuse the slight blurriness of some of them, the shots were suffering from lower light levels than my compact could handle:


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