Tunnel Vision

I’ve been a little obsessed with crossing the bridge into Wales or driving miles around Gloucester to visit the Monnow of late, to such an extent that I’ve not really fished the local river or taken up invites to fish streams closer to home.  On Saturday I made amends and had a great day on the Box Brook (near Isambard Kindom Brunel’s Box Tunnel) just outside Bath, with a fellow Berkeley Estate Fishing Syndicate member Dave Morton.  Dave is a member of the management team at BEFS and is also responsible for river maintenance on the Box Brook.  I won’t waffle on too much in this post, except to say it was a pleasure to get out with someone who cares so much about water systems and is good company to fish with – Dave was insistent on putting me into the best spots first and more concerned that I had a good time fishing than anything else on the day of my visit … which I did of course.  Three fish in the first 15 metres set the day up just fine for me, it allowed us to relax and chat (as well as fish) with no need to worry about chalking up numbers; much of the success was down to the fly of the day that was provided by Dave and named the ‘Rupert Bear’, a striking yet slightly bizarre Mayfly caricature that despite looking a bit odd, for some reason really manages to do the trick in the slow waters under the shadow lined tree tunnels that prevail on the brook.  I believe the fly can be purchased in the vicinity of Usk (you’ll know where I’m sure).

Watch this space for future postings, as we’ve pencilled in a late season visit, so I’ll be back to cover this venue in more detail later this year in the autumn.

Thanks to David Morton or ‘Big Dave’ as he’s known to his fishing buddies in BEFS!

Tight Lines, Splash


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